Friday, May 2, 2014

Game Pitch Bg

More from this project and following project coming soon. Currently under NDA and waiting for green light.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zbrush bust

I have been expanding my knowledge on zbrush recently and this guy is the result of a lot of things I have learned. I am new to the hard surface work flow in zbrush but I really like it and it allows a lot of  conceptual flexibility in comparison to 3dsmax. I made this guy 100% in zbrush and I hope to make even cooler stuff soon. :D

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pumpkin Fun

I made one pumpkin then using that mesh I carved faces and created jack-o-lanterns. They share the same diffuse, specular, and normal map. 

The high poly pumpkin was made in Zbrush. I played with the new Z-remesher for my low poly but I found it best just to retypoligize by hand in zbrush. 
Since I was going for UDK the 3ds max normal map was a good fit. I churned the map through NDO2 for a spec map and AO. The reason for all the psychedelic insides at the bottom is for future jack-o-lantern puke. I couldn't quite get it looking right so that part is a "coming soon" feature of my map. :B 

I missed out on carving a pumpkin this year but not in 3D. Using the package here: I was able to get that cool outline in UDK.

With the pumpkin modeled and the textures made I now have the opportunity to go back and make as many different jack-o-lanterns as my heart desires.

The next gen consoles are coming out soon and I am so excited to see what this means for environmental art.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Work from Motus Digital

      It was great to get the opportunity to work with the talented fun people at Motus Digital again. While working on contract I was able to provide art direction and help with their game development pipeline. 

Available on the Unity App Store Motus' first MoCap Animation pack for unity developers. Tony wanted a character that anyone could slip into so I created this guy. I was thinking something in the Borderlands (Zero) to Tron feel. This guy was a bit of a rush but I am happy with how he turned out.
Check it out:

   Dancing Donna is a Kickstarter Success and Android / IOS Free Augmented Reality phone dance game. Just when I thought I was done with the dance games Motus brings me back in. lol

Check out Dancing Donna for Free!
While working on DD I pushed for art in the Rapstar/ Dance Central direction. I remade the dance environment and store with this in mind. I also made more promotional images than I can fit on this blog and made some changes to the UI.

Main Logo

 Donna post face re-design t-shirt image

Promotional images and before and after screen shots. 

 Main stage rendered all fancy in the Corona Renderer 3dsmax.

 Store rendered all fancy in the Corona Render 3dsmax. 

Render from Holiday App currently in development:
 The plan for the presents is to do a hue shift to create different colored packages.
Examples of present shifts in color: